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I miss...

The world is getting mad and I don’t know what to do. I’m sitting around revisiting those days that maybe I’ll never see again, and wondering if fate could have been different. I miss… I miss… I miss…

I miss that sad weather, that cold air running around my body, holding a cup of tea while is raining outside, and wearing jumpers and sleeping within a double duvet.

I miss facing challenges on my own and growing up day by day, I miss the scary but addictive taste of new experiences, and the excitement of meeting new people and learning about their lives.

I miss the confusion of not knowing what could happen tomorrow, having to constantly choose important decisions, and doing what I want when I want.

I miss earning my own money, getting lost around the unknown streets, and improvise recipes when I don’t have any food in the fridge.

I don’t miss drinking, but I miss the friendly atmosphere of the pubs, the stupid jokes, and dancing till the end of the night.

I miss my friends there, their laughs, hugs, and their wise advice.

In summary, I miss Edinburgh.

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